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I APOLOGIZE FOR THE TWO-MONTH (nearly 3...) DELAY. AND ONLY TWO PAGES! AUGHHH. I will probably start working on these in pencil from now on because it is way, WAY faster than CGing. They won't look as nice, but still T^T.
Also, I will probably revamp this site so it can be navigated more easily, but it seems to work totally fine as it is! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who left me guestbook comments--it means so much to have people stumble onto this and manage to read through it. ANYWAY THE UPDATE!
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A long time ago, there was a war. The war split the people into two; and when it finally ended, one went into the sky, and one to the sea. The ones who were left behind with the dead and the rotten stayed on the land, where there was nothing left.

The rain came from the clouds and went into the rivers, and the rivers drained into the sea. The land that was black turned gold, then green, and the people from the sky and the people from the sea could see the lights and hear the laughter of the land and their beautiful, sultry nights, and they realised that they missed the smell of trees and the mud under their feet.

The people from the sea never go into the sky, and the people from the sky never go into the sea. The people from the land forgave the people from the sky, and the people from the sea, and allowed them to wander, but not stay.

There was a boy named for the sea his father loved but never sailed.
There was a boy named for the sea his father sailed but never loved.

("What does a sea look like?" The first boy asked the second.
"It's supposed to be a lot of water," The second boy said.
"So it's like a really huge river."
"It could be a lake.")

"Let's go see it for ourselves," They said.
"How far can it be?"

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